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Full Service

Our full Air Conditioning service costs £95.00. This service includes all of the items mentioned in the Inspection & Report Service as detailed above. Additionally a De-Gas, OFN Leak Test and Re-Charge is included.
Also included in the price is the supply of virgin gas, up to 1 Kilogram in weight and oil top up as necessary. Where the customer gas is re-used (via recycling process) we can discount the service by a total of £10.00 per kilogram of recovered gas.
This service includes:
System Inspection & Report
Gas analysis with customer copy printout.
In-Car temperature versus time performance test with printout; records
pre-service air conditioning system performance.
De-Gas & Vacuum system to waste or recycling bottles.
Leak Test using OFN (Oxygen Free Nitrogen) pressure test.
Deep Vacuum system & Re-Charge with virgin or recycled customer gas.
Add correct amount & grade of compressor oil.
Final Leak Test using electronic sniffer.
Repeat In-Car temperature performance test; records post-service aircon system performance.

Conditioning system performance.
Optional extra, UV Dye injection during Recharge ; additional cost £15.00
If requested we can add a special UV dye during the Recharge procedure (where no leak is evident) and can therefore act to identify any future leaks as the fluid is clearly visible under a UV light. See below for our full UV dye leak testing service.
Note: Some of the above services assume there is some gas left in your system to test with and it is possible to run the system in its 'faulty' state.

We operate a fully mobile service; we come to you at your workplace or home and are fully equipped to provide a complete vehicle air conditioning service, occasionally there will be some items of repair which will require the vehicle to be brought to our workshops.
Please call to discuss your specific requirement or if you need free advice on your vehicle problem we would be most pleased to discuss this with you.