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Vehicle Aircon Leak Sealant

Where a leak test shows up a very small leak it may be possible to fix this type of leak without replacing a part or making a repair to that part.

This sealant is specially formulated for Air Conditioning systems, both old and new, to seal existing leaks, and remains in the system to seal any future leaks. 

Please note - the leak repair option will only work for very small leaks and should be approached with caution. Major leaks need to be dealt with in the proper manner by replacing the faulty parts. We will advise as appropriate and customers should recognise that there is a degree of uncertainty attached to this treatment. Once attempted we regret that we can not refund the cost of this procedure if it fails to fix the problem.

Sealant Service cost £85.00

We operate a fully mobile service; we come to you at your workplace or home and are fully equipped to provide a complete vehicle air conditioning service, occasionally there will be some items of repair which will require the vehicle to be brought to our workshops.

Please call to discuss your specific requirement or if you need free advice on your vehicle problem we would be most pleased to discuss this with you.It works